FIRST AID for festivals, fairs, company parties and more!

Every year there are hundreds of accidents at events. First aid is therefore necessary at your event.


We offer FIRST AID, BHV and CPR. In recent years, the number of (sports) events, fairs and festivals, company parties and other activities is being held at a rapid pace. Are you looking for trustworthy first aid workers for your event? Then you are at the right place. Also, hiring first aid workers does not have to be expensive.

FIRST AID/BHV/Resuscitation

This is the level of our first aid workers. This level is also known as Basic Life Support. This concerns the regular rescuer who is able to provide basic assistance without specific tools. For example, our first aid workers are used for fairs, markets, asylum seekers ‘ centres, recordings of television programmes, sports competitions, cooking events or company parties. Our FIRST aid workers are in possession of a FIRST AID certificate, BHV certificate and CPR. They can operate solo or as part of a team in collaboration with other disciplines.


In addition to all standard certificates, we also have the following knowledge:

Certification for extended first aid.
BHV incl clearance and fires extinguish.
Certification for AED (own AED s).
First aid for event assistance.
Certification connection services radios.
First aid alcohol and drugs certified.
Emergency aid certification and extensive ambulance experience.
Certification of population care aid provider


We are in possession of a FIRST AID certificate.


We are in possession of a BHV certificate.


We are in possession of a resuscitation certificate

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